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Published Books

2016: Supplementary Warp Patterning: Turned Drafts, Embellishments & Motifs

2012: Ply-Splitting from Drawdowns: Interpreting Weave Structures in Ply-Split Braiding

Book - Supplementary Warp Patterning: Turned Drafts, Embellishments & Motifs By Barbara J. Walker
Book - Ply-Splitting from Drawdowns: Interpreting Weave Structures in Ply-Split Braiding By Barbara J. Walker

Published Articles

Handwoven - Nov/Dec 2009
The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers - Spring 2009
Handwoven - March/April 2003
Handwoven - Nov/Dec 2002

2023: “My Approach to Photography.” Complex Weavers Journal, February.

2022: “Designing 4-Ply Cords for Ply-Splitting: Color and Function.” Strands, October.
“Ode to Wanda.” Eight Shafts: Beyond the Beginning, published by Complex Weavers.

2020: “Memories of Braids 2019, Lyn Christiansen and Barbara J. Walker.” Strands, October.
“A Cross-Country Collaboration.” Complex Weavers Journal, February.

2019: “From a Ply-Split Tube to Kongôgumi and Back.” “The Art of Collaboration”, co-authored with Lyn Christiansen. Advances in Kumihimo and Fiber Arts: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Braiding, Braids 2019 Iga, published by The Kumihimo Society.

2018: “An Ode to Rodrick and Noémi.” Strands, October.
Book Review: des Dorelotiers aux Passementiers. Complex Weavers Journal, February.

2017: “Interpreting Passementerie Galons in Ply-Split Braiding.” Complex Weavers Journal, June.

2016: “Ply-Splitting with Supplementary Cords.” “From Ply-Split Braided Tube to Kumihimo and Back.” Braids, Bands & Beyond: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Braiding, published by the Braid Society.
Book review: Designa: Technical Secrets of the Traditional Visual Arts. Complex Weavers Journal, February.

2015: “The Oh-So-Versatile Braid.” Strands, October.
“Black + White: A Profile Design Tool.” Complex Weavers Journal, June.

2014: “An Ancient Computer Still Has Its Place in the Studio.” Complex Weavers Journal, October.
“Color-Play: Designing Ply-Splitting Cords.” Complex Weavers Journal, October.

2013: “Ply-Split Passementerie.” Strands, October.

2012: “A Ply-Split Advancing Twill Belt.” Complex Weavers Journal, October.
“Ply-Splitting from Weaving Drawdowns.” Threads That Move: Proceedings of the Second International Conference On Braiding, published by the Braid Society.

2011: “Learn Ply-Splitting with Two Summer Trivets.” Handwoven, March/April.

2009: “Striped Runner in Overshot and Lace.” Handwoven, November/December. (cover)
“Color: The “WOW!” Factor.” Weavezine,, 31 July.
“Nemesis.” Complex Weavers Journal, June.
“Woven Ratios.” Weavezine,, 20 March.
“Turning Drafts.” The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, Spring. (cover)

2008: “Portable, Addictive: Ply-Splitting!” Weavezine (authored with Louise French),, Winter.
The Best of Weavers: Overshot is Hot!, XRX Books, four articles.

2007: “20 Years and 2000 Cards.” Complex Weavers Journal, October.
“Doubleweave Plus: Patterning with an Extra Warp.” Handwoven, January/Febuary.

2006: The Best of Weaver’s: The Magic of Doubleweave, one article, XRX Books.
“A Summer Runner in Lace and Supplementary Warp.” Handwoven, May/June.2005: “Hot Summer Colors.” Handwoven, May/June.

2004: “Less is More: Understated Elegance in a Scarf.” Handwoven, March/April.

2003: “Check(er)mate: Double Duty Table Runner.” Handwoven, September/October.
“For Starters – Eye Candy in the Yarn Store.” Handwoven, May/June.
“Confetti Napkins.” Handwoven, March/April 2003. (cover)

2002: “CopperTones: A Scarf for All Seasons.” Handwoven, November/December. (cover)
“One-Day Rug.” Handwoven, March/April.

2001: “Hearts Afire.” Handwoven, September/October.
“Half-Tones in Turned Overshot.” Complex Weavers Journal, May.
“Advancing Twill Meets Plain Weave.” Handwoven, March/April.
“Breaking Murphy’s Law: A Guide to Giving Presentations.” Complex Weavers Journal, January.

2000: “Mixing Lace with a Pattern Warp.” Handwoven, November/December.
“Log Cabin with a Supplementary Warp.” Handwoven, May/June 2000.
“Learning Exchange: Two Basic Scarf Finishes.” Shuttle,Spindle & Dyepot, Winter.
“Turned Overshot.” Complex Weavers Greatest Hits, Complex Weavers.

1999: “Name-Drafting: ‘Madelyn’s First Handwoven.’” Handwoven, November/December.
“Right From the Start.” Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, Summer.
“Learning Exchange: Turned Overshot.” Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, Summer.
“Shadows and Socks.” Weaver’s, 44.
“Yarn-Painted Scarf.” Weaver’s, 43.

1998: “’Double, Double Toil and Trouble’ Runner.” Weaver’s 40.

1997: “Patience, Persistence, Precision.” Weaver’s 38.

1996: “Cut, Squish, Combine, Paste.” Weaver’s 32.
“Pushing the Limits of Four.” Weaver’s 31.

1995: “One Shuttle – Two Weaves…Simultaneously!” Weaver’s 29.

1993: “One Shuttle, Two Warps.” Weaver’s, 22.

1992: “Rediscover Monk’s Belt.” Weaver’s, 19.

1989: “The COE and Me.” Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, Spring 1989.

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