About Barbara J. Walker

Fiber Artist

Barbara J. Walker - Fiber Artist - Image ©Steve Walker

Artist Statement

The essence of my work can be pared down to two elements, interlacements and puzzle solving. How do I make threads do what I want them to do? Be they silk, linen, cotton, or wool, individual threads or twisted into cords, embellished or plain, various interlacement structures provide a myriad of possibilities.

It all began over thirty years ago with weaving fine silk scarves using two warps (instead of the usual one) on a floor loom. Twenty years ago ply-splitting came along—now I could create sculptural forms, necklaces, and baskets. Then knotting, needle felting, and kumihimo (Japanese braiding) entered the mix. All the while equipment multiplied in my studio: two floor looms, three Japanese braiding apparatuses, a cord maker, a wall of yarns, and lots of other paraphernalia. Learning mixed media techniques comprised of items from a hardware store has enlivened my work since 2020 and given me new avenues for combining and supporting my fiber techniques: frameworks, armatures, twisted wire, salvaged and recycled items all play a role.

As my work evolved, I naturally began to look outward. The unique thrill of collaborating with other accomplished artists has stretched my creativity and proved rewarding beyond measure.

My home studio overlooks the Willamette Valley in Salem, Oregon.

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Fiber art pieces by Barbara J. Walker are available for purchase during exhibitions and through this website.