Juried and Invitational Exhibitions

2022: Every 1; National Basketry Organization (online)
Complexity 2022; Knoxville, TN

2021: CraftForms 2021; Wayne, PA
Every 1; National Basketry Organization (online)
Small Expressions 2021; Handweavers Guild of America travelling exhibition
Art in the Time of Corona; Los Angeles, CA (online)

2020: Currents 2020 National Craft Exhibition; Everett, WA
Members in Print 2; National Basketry Organization
NWCraft20: Northwest Designer Craftsmen; Bellevue, WA

2019: World Kumihimo and Fiber Arts Exhibition; Sukodo, Iga Ueno, Japan (collaborative installation)

2018: The Braid Society: 25th Anniversary Exhibition; United Kingdom
Complexity 2018; Reno, NV

2016: Complexity 2016; Complex Weavers Traveling Exhibition

2015: National Fiber Directions 2015; Wichita, KS

2014: Reaching Beyond: The Northwest Designer Craftsmen at 60; Bellingham, WA
Complexity 2014; Complex Weavers Traveling Exhibition

2013: Woven Together: Firestorm; Manitou Springs, CO
National Fiber Directions 2013; Wichita, KS

2012: Glamor Glitter Glitz; Complex Weavers Traveling Exhibition
The Art of the Northwest Designer Craftsmen; Eugene, OR

2011: Uncommon Threads: The Handicrafts in Book Arts; Portland, OR
National Fiber Directions 2011; Wichita, KS
RAGS Wearable Art 2011; Tacoma, WA

2010: Small Expressions; Albuquerque, NM
More Than Fiber; Reading, PA
RAGS Wearable Art 2010; Tacoma, WA

2009: Focus on Fiber II – Fiber Open; Camarillo, CA
Inside-Out, Educating Without Boundaries: 100 Artists Show; Salem, OR
Containers, Containment and Contents; Everett, WA

2008: Living With Beauty: Handwoven Textiles for the Home; Manitou Springs, CO
High Tech-Low Tech; Portland, OR

2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002: Faculty Exhibition; Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN

2006: Lark Books 500 Baskets: two ply-split baskets selected
Crafts National 40; State College, PA

2005: A Weaver’s Dozen; Tacoma, WA

2004: Craft Forms 2004; Wayne, PA
Fine Contemporary Crafts; Raleigh, NC
Beyond Tradition: New Ply-Split Fiber Sculpture; Portland, OR
Looking Forward, Glancing Back: Northwest Designer Craftsmen 50th Anniversary;
Bellingham, WA
Crafts National 38; State College, PA

2002: Phosphorescence; Convergence 2002, Vancouver, BC

2000: Crafts National 34; State College, PA
Paper/Fiber 22; Iowa City, IA
Rags 2000 Wearable Art Show; Tacoma, WA

1999: National Crafts 1999; Lancaster PA
Arrowmont National 1999; Gatlinburg, TN

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Fiber art pieces by Barbara J. Walker are available for purchase during exhibitions and through this website.